AlkaRev™ AlkaRev™

A totally new “Revolution” in alkaline energized water technology! AlkaRev™ is the truly affordable counter top water system that is designed to process up to 1000 gallons (about 12 months) per cartridge set.

Buy the AlkaRev™ Now! Water Revolution’s newest home system, the AlkaRev™, uses a new technology/proprietary ceramic cartridge filtration coupled with W-R’s unique proprietary non-electric energized media solution™ offering families a very effective and affordable alkaline water solution.


Many of our clients are concerned about the overabundance of chemical and other unnatural contaminants in their drinking water. Much has been published concerning health challenges associated with “man made and disinfected” drinking water.

Buy the AlkaPurity™ Now!

Water-Revolution’s Reverse Osmosis (RO) powered AlkaPurity™ system was created to meet these contaminant challenges head on. Using an on board constant pressure, non electric pump, AlkaPurity™ first purifies the water then allows our energized media solution™ to transform the finished water’s profile into delicious Alkaline, Energized water!

The AlkaPurity™ H-D system is installed under the counter and includes your choice of our beautiful solid brass ceramic disc faucet in either Polished Chrome or Brushed Nickel finish.


Working together with the on-board cartridge of your refrigerator, the filtered and energized water delivered by the AlkaChill™ device is typically found with a pH of about 8.5, with reduced Chlorine and other disinfectant compounds. The micro-clustered, super hydrating water can also act a powerful antioxidant in the body. AlkaChill™ AlkaChill™ is an accessory flow-through design device and works best as a complement to a larger, more powerful Water-Revolution point-of-use home system.

Water Revolution’s new AlkaChill™ easily and quickly installs right into your refrigerator’s ¼” water supply line. Using the included install kit simply “plug in” the unit using the provided extra tubing and quick connect fittings. Using Water Revolution’s new MicroChi™ technology media, the new AlkaChill™ will create delicious micro-clustered, alkaline antioxidant water right at your refrigerator’s door dispenser. Now you can have alkaline antioxidant chilled water and ice on demand! Buy the AlkaChill™ Now!

The AlkaChill™ install kit comes complete with everything you need to just “plug and play” the AlkaChill™ right into your home.